Give Your Talent

Volunteers are very important to MDCC and contribute thousands of hours of time every year.
Please find out how you can help

Classroom Helper

We invite adults and children 14 years or older to spend time in the classrooms with our children.  Volunteers can read to the children and help the teachers in any way possible.  All classroom volunteers are required to complete our volunteer packet, which includes a background check and updated vaccine records.  Click here to download our volunteer packet.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has
— Margaret Mead

Board of Directors

Monmouth Day Care Center is fortunate to have a diversified and talented Board of Directors.  If you feel you have business expertise which could prove valuable to Monmouth Day Care Center, please send your resume to Heidi Zaentz, Executive Director at hzaentz@monmouthdaycare.com.

Summer Intern

As a non-profit organization, there is always something to do and not enough time to do it in.  We value our summer interns and invite you to apply.  Our summer interns will be exposed to the education world, as well as marketing and event planning.  We request our interns be friendly and sociable.  Please send a copy of your resume to Amy Thomas at athomas@monmouthdaycare.com.  

Special events event committee

Monmouth Day Care Center plans an average of 5 events per year.  These events vary from family-oriented to fancy, gala-like events.  The most important reason for our fundraisers is because the money raised from them contribute a large percentage to our annual income.  Our fundraisers are vital in keeping our center running. 

                        Each event has its own event committee.  The committee is tasked with planning the event from beginning to end.  This includes choosing the venue, theme, music, décor, invitation, budget, additional fundraising during the event, and much more.  Committee members range from MDCC Parent Alumni, current MDCC parents, MDCC Board of Directors, community partners, or friends of a friend who want to be involved.  We look forward to new people joining our committees with fresh ideas.

                        If you have an interest in event planning and would like to work on a committee with us, please email Amy Thomas at athomas@monmouthdaycare.com.